Prizes and Awards

For over two decades, we have garnered global recognition for our outstanding achievements. From our exceptional product offerings and groundbreaking innovations to our exceptional trading conditions and unparalleled customer service, easyMarkets Group has consistently stood out. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the highest awards from renowned media outlets, the public, industry peers, expo organizers, and even traders themselves. We are proud to officially be recognized as leaders in our field, inspiring us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Most Recent Awards


Dubai Expo 2023 – Best Global Broker
KaigaiFXDaigaku – Best Fixed Spread Broker
Media With, inc. – Best Competitive Spreads Broker
Media With, inc. – Longest serving Broker


Finance Derivative Magazine – Best Cryptocurrency Innovation UAE
Smart Vision Investment Expo Egypt – Most Trusted Broker
Forex Expo Dubai – Most Reputable Multi-Asset broker
FX168 2022 Broker Billboard (Global) – Steady Development in comprehensive operation
Fin Expo Egypt 2022 – Most Trusted Forex Broker in Middle East

2021 – Best Forex Trading Innovation
Smart Vision Investment Expo – Best Forex Trading App

2020 – Best Forex Trading Innovation


The Forex Expo Dubai – Best Forex Broker


ADVFN International Financial Awards – Best APAC Region Broker
World Finance Markets Awards – Most Innovative Broker


Forex-Awards – Most Transparent Broker
FXWord China – Best Forex Service Provider
JRJ China – Best Trusted by Investors
FX Empire – Best Trading Platform
Dobra Marka – Dobra Marka 2017 Poland


Global Banking & Finance Awards – Best Trading Platform Poland
Global Banking & Finance Awards – Best Trading Platform UK – Excellent Trading Platform
Laur Konsumenta – Golden Consumer Award

2008 – 2015

Global Banking & Finance Review Awards – Best Partner Program Europe 2015 – Annual Innovative Products & Services
CIOTEXPO – Best Broker 2013
The 3rd China International Online Trading Expo – Best Broker of the Year
MENA Forex Awards 2013 – Best Dealing Room
Global Financial Market Awards 2013 – Best Forex Broker 2013 Poland
12th Mena Forex Awards – Best Forex Customer Services Provider 2013
AFR – Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards
Nanjing expo – Best FX trading platform 2013
COTS – Best Innovative Forex Platform – Best New Product
2013 Money Fair – Best Professional Forex Investment Platform – Forex Company that Most Trusted by Clients
London Investor Show FOREX Awards 2012 – Best Customer Service – Best Forex Broker
UK Forex Awards 2012 – Best Forex Education
East Money – Best FX broker 2012
Guangzhou Financial Expo – Best FX broker 2012
London Investor Show FOREX Awards 2012 – Best FX Platform
London Investor Show FOREX Awards 2012 – Best FX Retail Broker
China Financial Awards – Best FX services Provider
London Investor Show FOREX Awards 2012 – Best FX Training Provider
World Finance Awards 2012 – Best Online Broker, Eastern Europe
Fast Money – The Fast 50 Business Award Winners
AG Arabcom Group, 2010 – Best FxNews and Analysis Provider
AG Arabcom Group, 2010 – Best Retail FX provider