Our Market Offerings

Blue Capital Markets offers a wide range of financial services to both retail and institutional investors. A diverse product portfolio of over 70 currency pairs, metals, commodities, indices and options are available for trading via diverse online proprietary platforms. Most products may be traded as spot trades, forward deals or options.


Blue Capital Markets' companies offer online currency trading in over 70 currency pairs. Also known as foreign exchange (forex, fx) trading, they are traded over-the-counter (OTC) so the deals are cash-settled and the trader doesn’t take physical purchase of a currency but the cash value of the trade made.


Metals are traded in the same way as currencies and are OTC as well. Blue Capital Markets rich metal portfolio includes gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper.

Energy Commodities

Traded as contracts for difference (CFDs), our energy commodities product offerings ranges from WTI Oil to Brent Oil, Gas Oil, Heating Oil and Natural Gas.

Agricultural Commodities

Traded as contracts for difference (CFDs), our agricultural commodities rich product offerings range from Wheat to Corn, Cotton, Soybeans, Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa.


Indices are a bundle of stocks from various stock exchanges around the world. Traders have access to US equity indices including the DOW, NASDAQ and SPI. European equity indices include the Footsie (UK), DAX (Germany), EU Stocks, CAC (France) and SWI (Switzerland). Asia-Pacific indices include the Nikkei (Japan), Huang Seng (Hong Kong), Australia, China and India exchanges. Also available are financial indices including the US dollar index and the Volatility index.

Currency Options

A best-in-class options trading platform is part of the Company’s offering. Developed by ORE Tech, it has enthusiastic engagement by traders. It provides trading of multiple currency pairs, including commodities, for speculating and hedging.