Prizes and Awards

For over a decade, our achievements have been acknowledged across the globe. Our product offerings, innovation, dealing room and customer service departments have been recognised repeatedly and were awarded with the highest distinction by the media, the public, industry peers, expo organisers and traders themselves. Past awards range from Best Customer Service in the United Arab Emirates, Most Trusted Forex Company in China, Best Forex Broker in Poland, Best Forex Education in the UK, to the Industry Recommended Platform in Australia.


Most Recent Awards Forex Annual Awards, 2014: Investor’s Most Trusted Forex Company – China, 2014: Innovative Products and Services  – China

MENA Forex Awards, 2013: Best Dealing RoomUnited Arab Emirates

CIOTEXPO, 2013: Best Broker of the YearChina

Nanjing expo, 2013: Best FX trading platformChina

MENA Forex Awards, 2013: Best Customer Service – United Arab Emirates

Global Financial Market Awards, 2013: Best Forex Broker – Poland

East Money, 2012: Best FX broker – China

UK Forex Awards, 2012: Best Forex EducationUnited Kingdom

World Finance Awards, 2012: Best Online Broker, Eastern EuropePoland

The New Europe Fast 50, 2012: Business Award Winners – Europe

China Financial Awards, 2012: Best FX Services ProviderChina

Guangzhou Financial Expo, 2012: Best FX brokerChina

East Money, 2012: Best FX brokerChina

London Investor Show FOREX Awards, 2012: Best FX Retail Broker, Best FX Platform, Best Customer Service, Best FX Training ProviderUnited Kingdom

Smart Investor Industry Recommended Forex Platform of the Year, 2010: Blue Ribbon Award – Australia